Auto Repair Biglerville and Gettysburg

Hours of Operation:Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Directions from Gettysburg, PA -  Take U.S. Route 30 West toward Chambersburg, go about 6 miles and The Master Mechanics is on the left.

Directions from Biglerville , PA - Take Route 234 West toward Arendtsville, PA continue on Cashtown Road to U.S. Route 30, turn left on U.S. Route 30 & go about 1 mile to The Master Mechanics on the right.

Directions from Chambersburg, PA - Take U.S. Route 30 East toward Fayetteville, PA continue East on U.S. Route 30 about 11 miles toward Cashtown, PA, continue through the flashing yellow light at the High Street intersection at Cashtown go another mile to The Master Mechanics on the right.